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It's been ten years since the publication of the book that launched the runaway bestselling Inheritance Cycle. This special 10th anniversary edition includes: a blue faux-leather cover with beautiful gold-foil line art; six glossy, full-colour illustrations by award willing artists John Jude Palencar, Michael Hague, Donato Giancola, Ciurelo and Raoule Vitale, as well as Christopher himself; and an essay from Christopher reflecting on this milestone and on the artists who have inspired his work.

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Jul 16, 2013

fabulous the 2nd time too

Hard to believe he was so young when he wrote it. Delivers as well as much older authors.

Daniel M

Apr 16, 2011

Good read

Character development was sturdy and ran the length of the book. Its a great read and easy to get in the backbone of the story. Its an addictive book and leaves you wanting more!


Feb 17, 2009


This is a awesome book for all people that love dragons and the story is super interesting and fun. when you start reading it you will not stop until it ends the book.


Feb 5, 2009

Great fantasy book

My son has trouble sleeping and unwinding at the end of the day. So we bought these for xmas and they really help him unwind and fall asleep at bedtime, he loves them.


Oct 2, 2008

Fantasy Ringer

I read this book when it first came out. I fell asleep reading it as I just could not put it down. There is some very interesting ideas floated around in the book that makes you place yourself right alongside Saphira and Eragon and help push them along through the story. When the movie came out, I was not too disappointed, as there have been by far much worse movie remakes of books that were very disappointing, like battlefield earth. I had to reread the book 5 times to get the bad taste out of my mouth from watching that piece of trash. The movie Eragon stayed true to the idea of the book, though I missed watching Saphira grow up much slower in the book then on the screen. Another item that would have been sweet to watch would have been the great crystal that shattered. I also wondered why Arya did not have pointed ears, she is a Elf, right? But this is about the book, and a very wonderfully written book it is in that it will grab you and not let you go until the final sentence has been read, then will have you wanting more.

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