Equilibrium ()

directed by Kurt Wimmer
featuring Christian Bale, Emily Watson, Taye Diggs, Angus MacFadyen, Sean Bean

Show Synopsis

A man who dares to feel finds his life in danger in this cautionary science fiction drama. In the future, after a Third World War has decimated much of the Earth's population, a new nation known as Libria rises up under the unquestioned leadership of Dupont (Angus MacFadyen). Believing human emotions and their expression were to blame for the failings of past societies, The Father has decreed that all citizens must take a daily dose of Prozia II, a drug which levels out the emotional landscape, and that all forms of ...

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Aug 19, 2010

Three Veiwing Report

Yup, three times. The DVD bonus is a commentary by the director alone and then with him and a producer. The action is filmed mostly around Berlin (for all you Aeon Flux fans: no sets were duplicated) It seems there are some great bits of Architecture to use as sets there, both old and new. I watched the first time with no commentary then the two bonus tracks and with each viewing I came to realize that Hollywood is still producing Song and dance films only the song is done with colors and the dance is done with choreographed fight scenes. This movie uses no CGI to enhance those scenes and most of it is filmed realtime from beginning to end. There is that tendency to use blue filtering for mood setting but I noticed here it is well balanced with appropriate touches of warm hues where needed.. This distopian parallel world needs a revolution and Bale delivers one . Viva le Revolution! The thought of taking religion back to the forefront in ruling society shows in a way how we must guard against it recurring in our world.


Mar 11, 2010

Action and a Message!

This is a great video. The action scenes are incredible, but the message is really interesting. A society is created with no emotions in order to prevent wars. What is lost with no emotion? You have to see it!

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