Emily of New Moon


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From the author of "Chronicles of Avonlea", "Rainbow Valley" and "Emily's Quest". The author also wrote the children's fiction classic "Anne of Green Gables", which tells the story of a headstrong young orhan who is sent by mistake to an elderly couple who expect a boy.

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Mar 8, 2012

Emily of New Moon

This is one of a set of three books written by Lucy Maud Montgomery before she wrote the Anne of Green Gables set. It is not as well-written as the later novels but undoubtedly comes from the same author with a moderate similarity in plots. However this volume published by Nimbus Publishing has a number of pages in the wrong order which is very annoying when reading it, as you then have to try to find out what is happening . It could be corrected but only by cutting out about 4 or 5 pages and gluing them back in the correct order -- a tedious task which would spoil the look of the book drastically. This is why it got only three stars as the quality control in the publishing firm should have rejected the book as an item for sale to the public.


Apr 28, 2010

One of Montgomery's BEST!

"I think I shall be a great poetess or a distinguished novelist."
That is Emily Starr talking, the young blossoming writer, that will touch your heart, with her creative and interesting, ways and ideas.

Within just the first chapter of the book, you'll already be intrigued by Emily's charm, and her topsy-turvy imagination. All through the story, Emily meets new people and friends. Some will help her on her way to becoming a writer, "a painter that uses words". Others will shoot her dreams down, as if they were nothing but mere dust. Just watch her take on all the distressing incidents that she overcomes with an intellect beyond her years.

She's always on a new enchanting romp, that'll keep you guessing. From giving up her beloved cat, to clashing with Miss Brownell (her unjust schoolteacher), to unraveling an age-old puzzle with her whimsical mind, you'll stay right by Emily's side the whole time.

Here's a small excerpt that I especially enjoyed:
"But there is a destiny which shapes the ends of young misses who are born with the itch for writing tingling in their baby fingertips, and in the fullness of time this destiny gave to Emily the desire of her heart---gave it to her, too, on the very day when she most needed it."

Personally, I have to state that this book is very inspirational for anyone endeavoring a priceless dream. I have read the entire set of the "Anne of Green Gables" books (that are written by the same author), but in my opinion, "Emily of New Moon" is much more enthralling! It is at the top of my list of my favorite books.


Apr 19, 2009

Emily of New Moon

I thought I had read all of LM.M.'s books until ran accross this one while looking for another book. Of course I had to order it right away. I was not dissapointed either. This book is a little different from some of her other books, but thoroughly enjoyable, as aways.


Mar 14, 2009

As Anne

Not since Anne have I met a heroine I so thoroughly enjoyed. L.M. Montgomery's style is used beautifully here, and Emily is delightfully portrayed. She is certainly flawed, but her flaws are portrayed honestly, which makes all the difference. Lovely read.


Dec 3, 2007


I like the Emily books. I read them when I was younger and I?ve just recently re-read them. I still find this first installment enjoyable.

I think every little girl should read about Emily of New Moon, who is charming despite her flaws (possibly because she is learning and growing). L. M. Montgomery has a talent for remembering and recreating the emotions of youth honestly - almost to an uncomfortable degree, but also very delightfully.

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