Embraced by the Light


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At the age of 31, Betty Eadie died in hospital after undergoing surgery. The events that followed have been called "the most profound near-death experience ever". Adding to such accounts as George Ritchie's "Return from Tomorrow" and Dr Raymond A. Moody's "Life After Life", Betty Eadie's experience offers an astonishing proof of a life after physical death. She saw more, perhaps, than any other person has seen before, and she came back with an almost photographic view. She was given a message to share with others that has ...

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Jul 23, 2009

Fantastic Book

This was such a wonderful book. Originally I borrowed it from my local library and there was sooo much good "stuff" in it that I took notes on each chapter. Then returned the book and bought one on Alabris to send to my father. So far he has read it and also enjoyed it and has since passed it onto one of my sisters who is currently reading and enjoying it. I give it 2 thumbs way up! God Bless and happy reading.


Oct 2, 2008

Wonderful book

I enjoyed reading the book, and if it were not for a jerky back-n-forth between present and the past, I would have given it a full 5 star rating.
This book is very interesting and holds one spell bound as the author recounts her journey after death in the astral world. The amazing clarity and honesty with which the author relates her tale, one can't help but believe every single word of it, however cynical one may be of such metaphysical matters. She tells it from the heart and it shows !!
Besides the book is lucid enough to be understood by my 10-year old daughter as well. Very good book. Recommend as a 'must-read' for everybody.

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