Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems


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A thorough presentation of the methods for solving ordinary and partial differential equations, designed for undergraduates majoring in mathematics. The book includes detailed and well motivated explanations followed by numerous examples, varied problem sets, and computer generated graphs of solutions and applications. This book varies from "Elementary Differential Equations, 4th Ed", in that it includes an extra chapter on boundary value problems.

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Oct 11, 2012

Text Book

It's a text book. It meets the requirements of the course.


Apr 28, 2007

First/Second Year Differential Equations

I bought this book because I found I was hogging a copy from the university library. If you are doing differential equations courses in either a mathematics or possibly a physics degree, then I would recommend this as it has in pretty much of anything I would imagine you would need, at least at first and second year level (I'm second year, so cannot give an opinion about use for third/fourth years) There are sections covering both numerical and analytical solutions. Yes, the text can be a bit dry in places, but it never treats you like an idiot, and I don't think many people read books like this for fun.

Looking for extra problems to work through? Buy this book.
Lecturer is an idiot and/or lecture notes are poor? Buy this book.

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