Edgar Cayce on Atlantis


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Drawing on his readings, and placed within the context of reincarnation, Edgar Cayce offers evidence of the civilisation of Atlantis - showing how its achievements and failures directly relate to the conflict and confusion of today.

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Oct 19, 2008

Edgar Cayce on Atlantis

This is a wonderful book of ?life readings? given by the ?sleeping prophet? Edgar Cayce on the ?lost? continent of Atlantis. Interesting to the casual as well as involved readers, the readings are amazing in that they have thrown light not only into the concept of past lives and rebirths, but also historical events, and geological theories leading to archeological discoveries throughout history. The book addresses particularly the readings given for approximately 700 people who had one or more incarnations in the continent of Atlantis that have influenced their present life, according to Cayce.
Atlantis was destroyed by its inhabitants many thousand years ago. They were disrespectful to the environment and ill-treated the land to the point of destruction, just like the present-day human is abusing the environment. It is up to the modern human being to reverse the damage already made, or the world will be destroyed again. Cayce suggests that applying specific principles and assuming certain attitudes to life are the remedial measures.
What about the reader who does not believe there was Atlantis, or there is rebirth? There is no attempt to convince anyone. In fact Cayce states in one of his readings that we are not ?of one mind? and any proof, no matter how compelling, does not satisfy everyone.
The author, son of Cayce and an expert on the subject of Atlantis, has researched the subject thoroughly. Excerpts from many readings are provided throughout the book, with explanations as needed.
But the mind-boggling aspect on prophet Cayce is the question of how this rural Kentucky farmer boy from the late 19th and early 20th centuries became such an insightful prophet. How did he give graphic descriptions of ancient villages and roads that lead to them?
He must have brought this gift from one or more past lives.

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