Dream Boy


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For Nathan first love is not easy. But in a climate of domestic violence, it might be the only thing to save him from the attentions of a drunken father. In the rural South filled with hatred and meanness, Nathan has to hide his secret and love from his friends, church and family.

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Apr 1, 2007

possibly my favorite book

Something about the way Mr. Grimsley writes has a way of drawing me in and holding me captive from beginning to end. The first time I read Dream Boy was in one sitting on a flight to Denmark, so I was able to remain absorbed in the tale with few interruptions. The few characters, although complex, were easily relatable. The story itself is narrow in focus, fraught with tension, and hopelessly romantic. My only reservation at first was with the "fantasy" ending Mr Grimsley uses to resolve the relationship between Nathan and Roy. Eventually, as I talked about it more and recommended this book to more and more friends, I decided that the dreamy ending was a perfect contrast to the gritty, graphic realism of the rest of the book; the same way we often use daydreams to escape from our own, often difficult realities.

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