Dragnet ()

directed by Jack Webb
featuring Jack Webb, Ben Alexander, Richard Boone, Ann Robinson, Stacy Harris

Show Synopsis

At the height of the popularity of his Dragnet TV series, producer/director/star Jack Webb struck a deal with Warner Bros. to direct several feature films--the first of which, but of course, was 1954's Dragnet. This time around, the "true story" in which "only the names are changed to protect the innocent" involves the murder of former syndicate member Dub Taylor. LAPD sergeants Joe Friday (Webb) and Frank Smith (Ben Alexander) follow the trail of evidence to shifty gangster boss Stacy Harris, who during most of the film is ...

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Jan 15, 2009

Unexpected comedy

This movie came out when Dragnet was an extremely popular TV series! I figured the movie would be pretty much the same staccato delivery from Joe Friday (Jack Webb). This was actually a FUNNY movie! I was very surprised! Now; I'm talking about when I first saw it in the theater back when I was a teenager. This video brought back a lot of memories for me. This was Friday with his partner Frank Smith (Ben Alexander), not Joe Gannon. The lines in the movie made it different from the radio and tv shows. Now that I own the video of it, I've watched it several times and highly recommend it to everyone. Sure; there was criminal activities, but essentially the repartee' between Friday and just about everyone in the movie was played for humor. Get it, while you can! (It's not a book, it's a vhs video)

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