Doesn't She Look Natural?


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Jennifer Graham, a no-nonsense chief of staff for a senator, is suddenly a divorced, unemployed single mom. She never dreamed that inheriting a funeral home would lead her to a rewarding career that teaches her far more about life than death.

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Apr 3, 2008


I purchased this book to read for a Christian Fiction Book Club. We thought it would be a comedy. Although it does have some funny parts, it ended up being a very good drama. If you are squeemish about funeral homes, you may have a problem with this book. It goes into a little bit of graphic detail in the Preparation Room. If you have recently lost a loved one, you might not be ready for this book right now.


Oct 1, 2007

Best-selling, and beloved author Angela Hunt has written well over a hundred fiction and non-fiction books for both children and adults since 1988. Her latest installment, the first in a series titled; Fairlawn #1: Doesn?t She Look Natural proves that she can still throw the unexpected at you, and you never see it coming.
In this first book, we meet Jennifer Graham. Recently divorced, newly unemployed, mother of two rambunctious boys (and a wired Jack Russell Terrier named Skeeter) who?s quickly sinking to the bottom in a ship of debt and sorrow. Her only lifeline is her widowed, ?Red-Hatter?, independent mother, Joella, who would do anything to help her daughter. She?s so reliable in fact she?s agreed to let Jennifer move into her home with her two boys until she can find a steady job. Jennifer is hoping to find work similar to her former job on Capitol Hill as chief of staff for a Virginia Senator, as long as she doesn?t cross paths with her former husband who is a legislative assistant for another senator (a factor that is keeping her from finding gainful employment). As the bills and worry mount, Jennifer is handed an inheritance from an uncle who owned a funeral home in Mt. Dora, Florida, which she is now the heir of. Jennifer, her mother, and the two boys (with Skeeter in tow) head down to Florida to see what she can make of this new situation. Sell it? Open a new business? Continue operating as a mortuary? The first option seems the most realistic. Besides, what is she going to do with a funeral home in desperate need of some major costly repairs? It would seem as though God has another plan for Jennifer. How are they to adjust to their macabre surroundings and connect with the community? Jennifer struggles with these and other debilitating questions in her search for the right answers when God answers her prayers and helps her understand what it is she needed to do all along. The emotional ups and downs throughout this story will have you wincing, and possibly relating them to your own life.
This book will appeal to anyone who?s ever been thrown into an unpleasant situation beyond his or her control and forced to make decisions they never dreamed they?d have to. Basically, anyone can relate to this well-told story. I especially like the author?s perfect, and quite factual, description of this small Florida town and its history. In the end, Angela Hunt leaves us readers with a few questions about how Jennifer and her family will manage in the future, which naturally have us anticipating the next Fairlawn Episode.

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