Die for You


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In a smart New York apartment, Isabel Raine is having breakfast with her husband. After her tragic childhood she has only ever wanted to be loved. And in Marcus Raine she thought she'd found the man she would be with for ever. But when she says goodbye to him that morning, little does she know that within twenty-four hours he'll have gone missing and life as she has known it for the past five years will be fractured beyond repair. But Isabel's nightmare has only just begun. Desperate to unravel the truth behind the lies, ...

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Mar 14, 2017

great mystery

I love Lisa Unger books. I discovered a shelf of them at the library and now I am determined to read all of them. This one was not my favorite. But that's not necessarily a criticism. I just didn't LOVE it as much as some of the others. It is still a great mystery that is a relaxing read when you need an escape. I got frustrated a few times with the decisions Isabel makes during her investigation for the truth. Overall a great read.


Aug 26, 2016

better than GONE GIRL

DIE FOR YOU was published in 2009, and at first it reminded me of the more recent GONE GIRL by Gillian Flynn. GONE GIRL is on many best-of lists for 2012, and it is a good book. But DIE FOR YOU is better.

GONE GIRL has a wife who has gone missing. DIE FOR YOU has a husband who has gone missing. Unlike the husband who has been left behind in GONE GIRL, the left-behind wife in DIE FOR YOU doesn't depend on the police investigation.

Unger does a fabulous job of presenting the various characters' views. She shows that no one person is all good or all bad. And the heroine, whose viewpoints are the only first-person chapters, may take unnecessary chances; but that's more satisfying and interesting than a do-nothing husband.

A good book can be five star or four. That depends on whether it is unputdownable. DIE FOR YOU is.


Feb 13, 2011

not quite sure

i found it very good till about halfway then i found it a bit confusing. But going by the comments on the back of the book from other authors it could just be me

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