Die Trying


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Jack Reacher, a military cop turned doorman at a blues club, is strolling down the street when he stops to help a young woman on crutches with an armful of dry-cleaning. He stumbles into a violent kidnapping and must decide who is the biggest threat: his captor militia men, or the feisty FBI agent.

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Mar 17, 2014

Good read

Enjoyed this book. Another great Jack Reacher story.


Sep 12, 2013

Die Trying

Haven't read it yet, but I enjoyed the first one quite a bit so I'm assuming this will be another 5 star read.

Kenneth R

Jul 12, 2013

Jack Reacher Esseential Background

Became interested after the movie this past Christmas (Tom Cruse as Jack Reacher). Reading all the books now. Each one exposes a little more of Reacher's background, characteristics, talents, motivation, circle of friends etc.. No bad Reacher books!


Aug 9, 2012

Die Trying--Jack Reacher Novel

Another good Jack Reacher adventure by Lee Child.

I plan to read every one.


Jan 24, 2010

"I was going to make it or die trying." J. Johnson

Jack Reacher helps a woman with a cain as she's having difficulty putting her dry cleaning into her car. Three men approach with guns drawn, they abduct the woman and take Reacher also.

They carry the prisoners to their enclave in Montana where they have a community of people who have certain intentions against the govenrment. The woman, FBI agent, Holly Johnson, is meant to be a bargaining chip with the government.

Reacher shows his many talents in this second installment of his stories. He's intelligent and highly analytical. He seems to be able to forsee what the men are planning before they act. He is also the lone man against seemingly insurmountable odds. He also shows his human side and develops a fondness for Holly. His compassion and strength are two of the reasons why readers enjoy Reacher as a character and sympathise with his actions.

The story had lots of action and the plot was logically laid out. The author provided a few twists and surprises that made it even more of a fun read.

This was the second time I have read this novel and enjoyed it once again.

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