Dexter in the Dark


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Is evil alive...? Dr Jerry Halpern is trying to find out, studying for his PhD on the subject. Dexter Morgan, meanwhile, has a few wicked things of his own to contend with - not least, planning his wedding to Rita to complete his nice-guy disguise. But when a student of Halpern's is found burnt, molested and headless - seemingly sacrificed to an ancient god - and Dex is brought in as forensic analyst to help investigate, he realises he could be dealing with someone a whole lot more sinister than he is. Soon it seems the ...

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Feb 10, 2011

A book you can;t put down!

Loved this book. Couldn't wait to read it! Very strong characters! Some quirky but loveable! Dexter takes out the human garbage! But still a caring and hard working man! Bad guys don't stand a chance.


Jul 16, 2009

Love Dexter

Although I have seen some of the Showtime episodes of Dexter, this was the first novel that I've read. I can't wait for the new one to come out in September.


Oct 27, 2007

Dark and Definitely Captivating Dexter

Another exciting chapter in the any life of any book reader's favorite vigilante serial killer psychopath. Strangely enough he is a likeable guy who just happens to have a "Dark Passenger" guiding him in place of a soul and conscience.
In this tale Dexter is preparing to marry a woman who has two children who have the same unfortunate condition as Dex. Danger is threatening but Dexter seems to be missing his inner entity which makes him vulnerable and struggles to protect his future family. The children's "Dark Passenger" even lend a hand in this fun ride.
A satisfying and amusing psychotic ending. You will be waiting for the further adventures for sure.

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