Desert Gold


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Richard Gale, a college football star, travels to Mexico to prove himself after failing in every business opportunity that his wealthy father had handed him. When he arrives at an Arizona border town, a chance meeting with an old friend launches him into an adventure to save a young Spanish beauty from a ruthless Mexican bandit.

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May 11, 2020

Down into the Desert

I'll admit: The first time I started to read this book I only got as far as the prologue, and I quit. This was 40 years ago. Instead, I picked up another Zane Grey book and read it. Then I came back to this one. Boy or boy what I could have missed! by not reading this one! Once you get past the slow and dry prologue, the book takes off like a bullet and never slows down. The hero, Dick Gale, a transplanted easterner, soon finds himself engaged in the border war between the US and Mexico. Set in contemporary times, at least when it was written, it detailed the troubles along the border at that time--events appearing in the newspapers on a daily basis. Along the way, you will meet one of ZG's greatest Indian heroes, Yaqui, and one of his vilest of villains, the Mexican Rojas. And the fight scene between the two is more than a classic; it's one never to be forgotten, nor repeated by any writer at any time. There is a secret which must be revealed as well, which affects the life of Nell Belding, and her relationship with Dick. For sheer excitement and romance and history, buy this book for yourself and have an enjoyable time getting lost in Zane Grey's West.

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