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The year is 2011, and the United States is embroiled in a tactical nuclear war against the Berlin-Boer Axis. Lt. Commander Jeffrey Fuller and the crew of the nuclear submarine USS "Challenger" are given a critical mission to infiltrate the enemy coast and attack a compound where scientists are developing the ultimate biological weapon--a deadly microbe that could wreak global devastation.

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Oct 25, 2008

Introduction to the Series

This was the first in a series of six books, featuring Jeffrey Fuller, a submarine lieutenant commander of a ceramic-hulled nuclear submarine. It's a technothriller, set in the near distant future during a war with a German/South African Axis.
The character of Ilse Reebick, a South African freedom fighter is introduced. She and Jeffrey eventually become lovers.
Jeffrey is the XO on this mission, but must assume command when his Captain sustains a head injury during combat.
They must attack a bioweapons plant to steal the actual weapon without detonating it. There is a SEAL team raid, and Jeffrey must go along with the SEALs and Ilse, to ensure that the ROE (rules of engagement) are followed to allow the use of nuclear weapons as they leave the island.
A twist in the story is that Ilse is the former lover of the enemy sub's Captain. She is aboard the American sub for the mission, and is helpful because she understands how he thinks.
There are great sub vs. sub battles. They use nuclear tipped torpedoes, so you don't even need to have a direct hit to cause damage; the shock wave does that.

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