Dear Mr. Blueberry


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While on a summer vacation, Emily discovers a whale living in her garden pond. So she writes to her teacher, Mr. Blueberry, for advice on how to care for her new pet. But Mr. Blueberry reponds that she must be mistaken, as whales live in the ocean, not in ponds. In a delightful exhange of letters, Emily learns about whales, and Mr. Blueberry learns about imagination, faith, and friendship. Full color.

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David K

Feb 21, 2013

Rediscovering Imagination

This is a very short story, easily read in 2 minutes, but that isn't the point. Read this story with a small child and probe for understanding. Is the fantasy true or false, or is that even the issue? The adult in us says the child is wrong, but that misses the story. This is a gentle story of trust and sharing by a child, a story easily grasped by a child and easily misunderstood by an adult. Read to rediscover your imagination.

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