Dead Irish


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In his new life as a bartender at the Little Shamrock, Dismas Hardy is just hoping for a little peace. When the news of Eddie Cochran's death reaches him, however, Hardy is propelled back into all the things he was trying to escape, for the sake of Eddie's pregnant widow, Frannie, and for the others whose lives may still be at risk. Unabridged. 1 MP3 CD.

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Nov 6, 2013

For Best Understanding, Read These In Order

To me, DEAD IRISH is more of an intro to a series than a mystery. John Lescroart helps us understand his flawed hero, Dismas Hardy; Diz is a compilation of all that is human. He?s tried many things (ex-Marine, ex-cop, ex-attorney, ex-Catholic, ex-husband and ex-father) and he is still seeking.

After a few pages, the reader realizes that something traumatic has happened to Dismas ? he tends bar for a living and has for several years. When we find out why he?s all-but-given-up-on-life, we understand that this is a very sensitive individual still trying to put his grief in a place (where he can come to terms with it).

As I?ve stated before, Dismas Hardy is Everyman; he?s neither perfect nor riddled with evil. He?s average, just like the rest of us. As I?m rereading this series, this book is a refresher course for why I love this author. So much is going on in the heads of the characters ? and we are privy to these worries, conjectures and fears.

The characters endure, agonize and grow, just like the rest of us. Through their suffering, we learn more about the human condition and ourselves. I thought the author used a logical means to get Dismas into the case and keep him there.

Lescroart did an elegant job of moving the story while sharing Dismas? history. It seemed to be seamlessly done. The mystery itself, however, wasn?t spellbinding. I think most readers figured it out long before the end of the book. However, this is a character-driven tome; we hang on because the people are fascinating. 4.5 stars

Dismas Hardy ?Series of 15 books
1. Dead Irish (1989)
2. The Vig (1990)
3. Hard Evidence (1993)

Cynthia H

Aug 19, 2010

Received the book in a timely manner. It was in good condition as promised.

Robert S

Jul 25, 2010

A good start

A good book, kept you engages in the story, leads into the Hardy character for a good start for the series.


Oct 2, 2008

Great author

Lescroart's Dismas Hardy books are wonderful. You want to stay up all night to see how the story ends. Good from page one to the end.

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