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Julie Christie won an Oscar for her portrayal of a bored, amoral fashion model in this cynical melodrama from director John Schlesinger. Following the break-up of a teenage marriage, Diana Scott (Christie) drifts into the world of modeling and acting, where she meets a television news reporter, Robert Gold (Dirk Bogarde), who leaves his family for her and introduces her to a more powerful and wealthy set. Soon Diana meets somebody more attractive: public relations mogul Miles Brand (Laurence Harvey). After briefly leaving ...

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May 7, 2010

Levine's take on the Grace Kelly Story

And it came out so bad they couldn't make bank on the story similarities. Middle class girl takes to show biz and becomes famous, so much so, an Italian Prince marries her. How much closer to the truth could you get? Not much.The movie is in B & W. Why? It lends to the idea that events took place in the past (say a decade into it; Kelly Married Ranier in '55 this movie is '65 when there was plenty of color film to be had).To have used the story of a princess as a way of satirizing the mores of British society is appalling.
Redeeming values: it was Joseph E. Levine who backed it. Julie Christie won her "Best Actress" Oscar for her performance. That's about all the good to come fo this effort. Even the promotional artwork couldn't be of more disservice to J Christie than what the studios have issued, The DVD is in Color and the VHS Tape has her looking like a wretched old hag.


Oct 8, 2009

One of the best films of the '60's.

Darling is a film about beauty, selfishness and regret. Julie Christie is stunning as Diana Scott, model and manipulator. She uses her looks, her 'pizazz' to hook already-married Dirk Bogarde and then flits off to headier game in the shape of Laurence Harvey and Jose Luis de Villalonga (Breakfast At Tiffanys). Dirk Bogarde is at his best as the endearingly handsome and gentle interviewer who falls hard for Christie, and it is always a joy to see Laurence Harvey (remember Room At The Top?) greasing his way through life with his bouffant hairdo.
Although the clothes are obviously 60's - mini skirts, white boots, swinging hair - somehow this film hasn't aged. It's jolly good entertainment, taking us, together with the characters from having just about everything, to discontent and regret. It's a gem of a film - compact and tight and thoroughly absorbing.

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