Darkness at Noon


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A brilliant new translation of Koestler's long-lost original manuscript. A chilling and unforgettable 20th century classic. From a prison cell in an unnamed country run by a totalitarian government Rubashov reflects. Once a powerful player in the regime, mercilessly dispensing with anyone who got in the way of his party's aims, Rubashov has had the tables turned on him. He has been arrested and he'll be interrogated, probably tortured and certainly executed. Darkness at Noon is as gripping as a thriller and a seminal work ...

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Jerry B

Nov 25, 2014

The Classic

The classic discussion of communism from political and psychological viewpoint . Told from the viewpoint of an imprisoned senior communist (a thinly disguised Trotsky) who knows what his fate will be.
Rated among the top ten novels of the twentieth century, and deservedly so.


Jun 27, 2014


This is a classic novel based on real life experiences. Arthur Koestler was a former communist and intellectual, He grew up in Europe and eventually became a British subject by choice. After experiencing the terror of totalitarianism of both the Nazi and Communist regimes he wrote two volumes (of which this was the first) trying to explain to those who never understood the horror of total government. Naturally the Communist Party banned people from reading the book, which shows its power.

We currently live in a world that seems hell-bent on repeating these trajedies. The more government and less freedom we have the closer we get to disaster. Those who worship government use fear and ignorance to further their aims. It is only through knowledge we can avert more of this.

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