Dark Magic


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Though a world-famous magician, young Savannah is held in a terrifying thrall by the most powerful of Carpathian males. With a dark magic all his own, Gregori, whispers in Savannah's mind that she has been born to save his immortal soul. And now, in New Orleans, the time has come to claim her.

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May 31, 2009


I have said it once but i will say it agian Christine Feehan's books are the best. But if you read only one book in your life make it DARK MAGIC !!!!!


Sep 17, 2008

Even knowledge and power have limitations

Gregori. The Dark One. Always an outsider, even to his own people. Struggling against the darkness threatening to overtake his soul. Centuries spent waiting for his lifemate, the light to his dark. Holding on for her. Did he wait to long? He is close to madness, evil, turning into what he hunts; the betrayer of his people . . . vampire. Young Savannah wants her freedom. She can't imagine losing herself to someone so powerful. She tries to escape her lifemate. Gregori follows, watches, waits. Will his patience for her save him or drive him into the darkness he fought so hard to avoid?


Jun 25, 2008

Savannah is a character to love

This book is a departure from the bulk of this series. In this novel the character of Savannah is strong and capable; however, unlike most of the mates to the Carpathian males, she has been aware of the destiny of her people and the importance of her part in their history. It makes for a delightful read that pokes fun at things that are considered sacred within this group of people. I have read every book in this series and this one is charming,sexy,quick paced and a complete joy to read.

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