Dark Fire


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The sixth book in the author's "Dark" series presents Darius and Tempest's story. Tempest had always been different and apart from others. From the moment Darius's arms closed around her, enveloping her in a sorcerer's spell, he seemed to understand her unique gifts. But did his kiss offer the love and belonging she sought, or a danger more potent than his own panthers?

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Denise J

Jul 25, 2013

Darius is a Man's man

I enjoyed this book so nice to finally receive it from this company who sent it immediately whereas the other book seller never did send it to me. Thank you and I would order again from this book seller!


Mar 19, 2009

Christine Feehan is a great author. Her books are filled with excitement and romance. So reading her books transport you to another world altogether and it's exciting. She makes you hope and wish for a love that lasts the whole lifetime.


Mar 28, 2008

Feehan is on fire!

This book is magnificent! The story grips you until the very end. I love that seemingly ordinary women end up with extraordinary lives!


Jul 26, 2007

The Carpathians Series

All the Carpathian series books written by Christine Feehan are excellent, the writing is educated, grammatical, modern and the stories are gripping. The characters live in one's memory long after the book is read, and the Carpathian lifemate ritual words are ones that, if ever I married, I would want to use, not the usual standard form of promise in the conventional ceremony. I can recommend the books, all of them, to anyone who wants to live in an author's imaginary world, and, when the books are duly read, wishes like the very devil that those characters existed and that one could join in their adventures (and maybe acquire a Carpathian lifemate of one's own!).


Apr 3, 2007


Christine Feehan changed the whole concept of vampires. She made them all the more alluring and darkly erotic,
Dark Fire is another book in the series of the Dark Troubadors.Darius, who is the guardian and protector of themusical troupe finds his lifemate in Tempest, their new mechanic who has been running away all her life. Tempest hates boundaries set by Darius and tries to run away many times and then saved by him
Amids this trouble is brewing, Vampire Hunters are trying to kidnap Tempest to get to Darius.
The book does have its voilent parts but that is expected, but not as much as the other books in the series.This book is a beautiful addition to the Dark series.

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