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Possibly the most confrontational standup comic of his era, Bill Hicks perhaps was also the most confessional comic of his time. His rants are more like dissertations with jokes thrown in for good measure. On his first CD release from 1990, Dangerous, Hicks unleashes on the audience his thoughts about homelessness ("Modern Bummer"), smoking ("Smoking"), drugs ("The War on Drugs"), the state of rock & roll ("We Live in a World..."), and the decline of intellectualism ("Flying Saucer Tour") in late-'80s America. He also talks ...

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  1. Modern Bummer
  2. Smoking
  3. The War on Drugs
  4. I Love My Job
  5. Please Do Not Disturb
  6. Flying Saucer Tour
  7. We Live in a World...
  8. Burning Issues
  9. My Parents
  10. The Vision
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May 17, 2013

Late and Lamented

Bill Hicks died of pancreatic cancer in 1994. One cannot help but wonder what he would have become if he had lived longer. He was a rant comic like Sam Kinison, with whom he worked in Texas when they were both starting out. I would not say he moves me as much as Kinison but he's close. And by way of illustration let me add that if Hicks were only one-thousandth as funny as he is, he would still be one thousand times as funny as that other rant stand-up Dennis Leary, the reason for whose success eludes me.

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