Dance of the Gods


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"He saw where the earth was scorched, where it was trampled. He saw his own hoofprints left in the sodden earth when he'd galloped through the battle in the form of a horse. And he saw the woman who'd ridden him, slashing destruction with a flaming sword... Blair Murphy has always worked alone. Destined to be a demon hunter in a world that doesn't believe in such things, she lives for the kill. But now, she finds herself the warrior in a circle of six, chosen by the goddess Morrigan to defeat the vampire Lilith and her ...

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Oct 20, 2011

Great Book

One of the 3 books in the series. Helps to have an open mind or big imagination due to the nature of the story as it involves time travel, witches, vampires,hunters, flying dragons. Such a great read it is hard to set down but the series does need to read in the order they were written.
I highly recommend the book, and series.


Apr 15, 2010

dance of the gods

great book! if you like vampires, witches, etc. then i have no doubt that you'll love this book as well as the other 2 in this series, but read them in order.


Apr 14, 2007

Dance of the Gods in part 2 of a GREAT 3

Within days of finishing the first part of the Circle Trilogy, Morrigan's Cross, I ran to the store to get part 2. This triliogy has captured me from the very beginning. As I said before, Im not a big fan of vampire novels, but this book goes above and beyond the normal genre. Nora Roberts incorporates vampires, magic, mythology and modern day beliefs in 1 fantastic book. I highly recommend part 2 of this series to everyone. Nora Roberts fan or not!!

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