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The Gorillaz B-sides and remixes collection D-Sides just emphasizes that Demon Days could have just as easily been called Damon Days . Even though Damon Albarn worked with collaborators like Danger Mouse on the second Gorillaz album, Albarn was its main sonic architect, and this is made even clearer by the songs that didn't make it onto Demon Days. Where the album honed a paranoid, melancholy -- but always accessible -- vibe, D-Sides is charmingly loose and eclectic; the stoned, rag-tag shuffle of "Don't Get Lost in ...

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  1. 68 State
  2. People
  3. Hongkongaton
  4. We Are Happy Landfill
  5. Hong Kong
  6. Highway (Under Construction)
  7. Rockit
  8. Bill Murray
  9. The Swagga
  10. Murdoc Is God
  11. Spitting Out the Demons
  12. Don't Get Lost in Heaven
  13. Stop the Dams
  14. DARE
  15. Feel Good Inc.
  16. Kids with Guns
  17. DARE
  18. Kids with Guns
  19. El Mañana
  20. DARE
  21. Dirty Harry
  22. Kids with Guns
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