Cry, the Beloved Country


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When Reverend Kumalo sets off for Johannesburg, he hopes to find his son and his brother. What he finds is that in their struggle to survive city life under apartheid, his relatives have lost sight of honesty, love and respect - with terrible consequences.

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Judith H

Dec 7, 2014

Cry the Beloved Country

One of the best books about Africa I have ever read. The father depicted in the story is so remarkable and so real. I will never tire of this book and can easily read it over and over. It is a classic!

Robert P

Nov 15, 2012

Tough Read.

I stuck with it till the end, even though there wasn't anything to cheer about. Very slow pacing by modern standards, making it hard to cut through. I didn't get a payoff at the end, like I've gotten with other classics such as Hemingway's. Still, the realism may have made it worth it.


Aug 13, 2009

Thought provoking

Very touching and well written. There seemed to me to be no bias, both sides of a sad situation were covered so nicely.


Jun 9, 2007


I was forced to read this book in a high school social studies class and hated every line of it. The dialog, of which there is a substantial amount, is not accompanied by any sort of punctuation or even reference to which character is speaking, making it a difficult story to follow. The Story isn't all that great either, so, really, trying to follow along with the dialog was the least of my problems.

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