Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice


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this book examines the strategy and means to defeat insurgenct or guerrilla movements based on the author's first-hand experience in China, Greece, Indochina, and Algeria.

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Jul 25, 2010

A Classic, Reissued

David Galula, a French army officer with extensive experience in counterinsurgency, wrote this classic in 1964. The book was rediscovered in 2006, as was counterinsurgency itself. Most of the contemporary doctrine -- that the population is the prize, that a gun is not always the most effective tool -- is found in its 99 pages, and was there all along. It is cited in the bibliography of every work I've read on the subject since then.
The 4-page foreword by John Nagl is an even more succinct summary, and worth the price of the book by itself.

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