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From Paul G. Hewitt, author of the market-leading Conceptual Physics , comes his eagerly awaited new, briefer, alternative text, Conceptual Physics Fundamentals . The text extends best-selling author Paul Hewitt's proven pedagogical approach, straight-forward learning features, approachable style, and rigorous coverage, while providing superior supplements and media. The book develops a solid conceptual understanding of physics, while building readers' self-confidence applying their understanding quantitatively. ...

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Mar 7, 2009

Interesting but Not Fit For Learning

I see this book as sort of a blog of a physics lover. It has an interesting way with words and a lot of stories before touching on concepts BUT as a textbook for students to follow in a classroom, this is no good.

It doesn't help build fundamental concepts to the point of being able to be tested on it. I have no idea why the solutions manual is sold separately for this type of book... it should just be attached, it's not a big book.

Plus, the author's bias is thrown in quite a few times, so that kind of diminishes its message.

I don't recommend this for a physics class, especially for a basic physics one. It assumes you already know a lot.

I would recommend it maybe for some physics instructors looking for some creative ideas to teach a class.

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