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This handsome reference identifies each Greek word in the New Testament by giving grammatical tags, as well as numerical codes for cross-referencing words in Strong's Concordance. Many key words can also be found in the extensive Lexical Aids section included at the back of the book. Included are an Introduction to Each Book, Detailed Exegetical Notes, Grammatical Explantations, a Greek Concordance, and a Translational Reference Index.

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Sep 24, 2014

Great Book, Great Author

Recommended to all who needs to indepth Bible Study


Jul 30, 2009

What a find!

This was a great find just when I needed it. It looks brand new with no markings inside. I already have used it often. The seller answered an email before the purchase in an hour or two. The shipping occurred the day of the order and was very quick from Washington to Colorado. I would buy from this seller at any time. Victory


Apr 23, 2007

Worth the Trouble

The catchy title because even if you don't think you're into word meanings, you will be after getting the Zodhiates NT Word Study. It's solved riddles for me, including the meaning of the word confession. The real trouble is that Americans don't find out for themselves what the words mean, and swallow--hook, line, and sinker--everything the average Christian pastor says.
Some of the commentary is slanted from the viewpoint of the author, including such issues as tongues. I also noticed that in the writing of I, II, III John, the author states that the woman the book was addressed to was probably a ruse the Apostle Paul cooked up to keep the church from persecution. But for the other letter, he claims that the man the book was addressed to was probably the pastor of the church, even though he claims both letters were written at the same time and in I John that persecution was not an issue at that time, hmm.
Still, a wonder book, necessary for study. Tells you facts about verb tenses. Fills in the gaps for words that the English language cannot do.

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