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Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is one of the more unlikely artists to ever record for Warner Bros., and also one of the funniest. Come Poop With Me consists of musical bits recorded in front of a live audience and in the studio along with a handful of prank phone calls. A whole bunch of comedy big shots stop by to help out. Adam Sandler joins Triumph for the spirited hip-hop ballad "30 Seconds of Magic," Horatio Sanz appears as Stinky Faye and he and Triumph lament over the sad state of current comedy while reminding people ...

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  1. Intro
  2. Who
  3. Underage Bichon
  4. Call to Kennel
  5. Benji's Queer
  6. On the Road
  7. Lick Myself
  8. Call to STD Hotline
  9. Cats Are C****
  10. 30 Seconds of Magic
  11. Call from Triumph's Son
  12. Blackwolf
  13. Call to Chinese Restaurant
  14. You Have to Work Blue
  15. My Mama
  16. Bob Barker
  17. Call to Catalog
  18. Together in Pooping
  19. No Rules in the Animal Kingdom
  20. In the Studio
  21. I Keed
  22. Little Roundworm
  23. Interview
  24. Sense of Smell
  25. Interview
  26. Cats Are C****
  27. Interview
  28. Interview
  29. Blackwolf
  30. Interviews
  31. You Have to Work Blue
  32. Bob Barker
  33. Together in Pooping
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