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Civilization Phaze III is the last album of new music Frank Zappa completed before his death in December 1993. It belongs to his corpus of "serious music." The composer has revisited the recordings he made in 1967 of various people talking with their heads inside a grand piano (with the sustain pedal depressed, it made quite a resonating room). These conversations were used in part in the 1968 LP Lumpy Gravy, but here Zappa (with the help of less limiting technology) restructured the comments of the "people living inside ...

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  1. This Is Phaze III
  2. Put a Motor in Yourself
  3. Oh-Umm
  4. They Made Me Eat It
  5. Reagan at Bitburg
  6. A Very Nice Body
  7. Navanax
  8. How the Pigs' Music Works
  9. Xmas Values
  10. Dark Water!
  11. Amnerika
  12. Have You Heard Their Band?
  13. Religious Superstition
  14. Saliva Can Only Take So Much
  15. Buffalo Voice
  16. Someplace Else Right Now
  17. Get a Life
  18. A Kayak (On Snow)
  19. N-Lite: Negative Light/Venice Submerged/New World Order/The Lifestyle Y
  20. I Wish Motorhead Would Come Back
  21. Secular Humanism
  22. Attack! Attack! Attack!
  23. I Was in a Drum
  24. A Different Octave
  25. This Ain't CNN
  26. The Pigs Music
  27. A Pig With Wings
  28. This Is All Wrong
  29. Hot & Putrid
  30. Flowing Inside-Out
  31. I Had a Dream About That
  32. Gross Man
  33. A Tunnel Into Muck
  34. Why Not?
  35. Put a Little Motor in 'Em
  36. You're Just Insultin' Me, Aren't You!
  37. Cold Light Generation
  38. Dio Fa
  39. That Would Be the End of That
  40. Beat the Reaper
  41. Waffenspiel
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