Church History in Plain Language: Updated 2nd Edition


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Thinking Christians everywhere have turned to Shelley's Church History in Plain Language for an authoritative text that is lively and understandable. In this new and updated edition, contemporary phenomena such as the Religious Right, megachurches, and user-friendly worship services are explored, along with some leading personalities behind these movements.

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Dec 3, 2009

Great Book

This book is awesome.if your interested in learning about The Christian church history, it's the book to buy.a Jewish scholar recommended it to me.
Thanks Philj


Sep 25, 2008

I liked the book and it was filled with a ton of information. He got some points wrong about Christ and His ministry at the beginning, but other than that it was well researched and a good read.


Jan 17, 2008

Germane for the laiety and religious scholar alike

I bought this book for a class but have enjoyed reading it far beyond what was required for the course.
It's plain language, excellent background of biblical times along with the in depth analysis of the rise of the Christian faith will engross you for hours and encourage even more research into issues raised in the book.
This book is a fine primer to prepare you for more specific interests and venues regarding the history of the Christian church. If you are a religious studies major, Christian who wants to know more about the history of your faith or simply curious about the history of the Church , sic Western Civ, this book is for you.

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