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Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk's controversial and blazingly original debut novel, introduced a fresh and even renegade talent to American fiction, one who has retooled the classic black humour of Terry Southern and Kurt Vonnegut for the lunacy of the millennial age. In his new novel, Choke, he gives readers a vision of life and love and sex and mortality that is both chillingly brilliant and teeth-rattlingly funny. Victor Mancini, a dropout from medical school, has devised a complicated scam to pay for his mother's hospital ...

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Dec 21, 2009

choked & provoked

It's just another silly dystopic read. There's lots of far out stuff to pique one's interest but the only thing that interested me was the discssion of Medical mnemonics. A most forgetable book - except during commercial flights. I never read The Fight Club but I did enjoy the movie - now I won't bother with the book.


Oct 15, 2009

Highly recommended book!

If you are a fan of the film 'Fight Club', than this is the book for you! 'Fight Club' author, Chuck Palahniuk, tells a tale about Victor Mancini, a medical school drop out student who fakes choking to death at fancy restaurants to be 'saved' by unsuspecting people. Victor is also a sex addict, and works at a colonial theme park with drugged out hippies, and losers. His best pal is kind of a dimwit and masturbates a lot. There is so much going on within this book, with the characters, the sub plots, the situations, and the dark humor is outstanding. A great novel to read. Chuck Palahniuk is a great author and has a powerful storytelling craft. Pick this book up!


Aug 6, 2009

Only for teenage boys?

This is not a book for an old lady, or any female. It is not funny or relevant to anyone's life, in my opinion.


Sep 18, 2008

Choke on Chuck

Fun with Chuck! Lots of dirty words and laugh out loud in public kind of comedy. I recommend it for the rest of us immature types. I hear it's being made into a movie. I can't imagine it being true to the book and getting less than an NC-17 rating. Read this one first!


Nov 2, 2007

Palahniuk at his best

Choke shows up Chuck Palahniuk at his best. This books marks the high point in his literature career, the writing is more fluid then that of his later novels and the story is more precise then any of his other novels. This entails the story of a man who while being a sex addict works at a colonial theme park and cons money out of strangers by pretending to choke at resteraunts. The author weaves the narrative around all the odd behavior our main character exhibits due to his sexual addiction and his appearent dissalussioment with the life he finds himself in. Like most Palahniuk novels there the reader is subjected to suspensefull waiting while the story unravels.

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