Chasing Vermeer


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A stolen painting. A series of unexpected events. Two smart children Petra and Calder live in a neighbourhood where strange things have started to happen. Seemingly unrelated events connect, a sharp old woman seeks their company - and a priceless Vermeer painting disappears. Before they know it, the two children are caught up in an international art sensation where no one is above suspicion. As puzzling clues draw Petra and Calder deeper into the mystery, they must rely on their intelligence, their powers of deduction, and ...

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Distance Librarian

Feb 21, 2013

Not your average art novel!

Wow, what an unusual story! Several disparate scenarios eventual are woven together to give a full story without a long, tiresome background-setting description that would have been necessary using a more conventional narrative style. Even the physical layout of the book is different. Two children have visions of two different paintings by Vermeer, and those paintings are on the front and back covers of the book. But the dust jacket has completely different artwork on it, showing the two kids mostly involved in the plot. An unconventional teacher, an elderly widow, and a bold thief complete the main cast of characters, with a host of minor characters keep the action flowing. I am looking forward to reading The Wright 3, the next title in this new series!

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