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In 1994, who would have thought that a collection of traditional Gregorian chants by Catholic monks from a monastery in northwestern Spain would have become an international pop hit? Who would have thought that the Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos would have been sharing the American pop charts with the likes of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, the Notorious B.I.G., Metallica, and Dr. Dre during the Bill Clinton years? But in fact, that's exactly what happened in 1994, when the Benedictine Monks' Chant soared to the Top Ten ...

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  1. Alleluia, beatus vir qui suffert, in mode 1
  2. Mandatum novum do vobis, antiphon & Psalm 132 in Mode 3
  3. Media vita in morte sumus, responsory in mode 4
  4. Laetatus sum, gradual in mode 7 (Liber Usualis No. 560, GR 139)
  5. Veni Creator, hymn (Mode VII)
  6. Genuit puerpera regen, antiphon & Psalm 99 (Mode II)
  7. Kyrie fons bonitatis, trope in mode 3
  8. Nos autem, introit
  9. Super flumina Babylonis, offertory in mode 1 (Liber Usualis No. 1065)
  10. Qui manducat, communion
  11. Ave Regina cŠlorum (solemn tone), antiphon
  12. Salve festa dies, hymn in mode 4
  13. Rorate caeli 1. T. /GR 34
  14. Jacta cogitatum tuum, gradual in mode 7
  15. Jucundare Filia Sion, antiphon and psalm, mode 8
  16. Veni Sancti Spiritus, sequence in mode 1 for Pentecost Sunday
  17. Respice, Domine, gradual in mode 5
  18. Alleluia. Oportebat
  19. Christus factus est, gradual in mode 5 (Liber Usualis, No 655)
  20. Puer natus est nobis, introit in mode 7
  21. Ave mundi spes Maria, sequence in modes 7 & 8
  22. Spiritus Domini, introit in mode 7
  23. Os iusti, gradual in mode 1
  24. A solis ortus cardine, hymn in mode 3 (Liber Usualis No. 400)
  25. Occuli omnium, gradual in mode 7
  26. Alleluia. Dies sanctificatus
  27. Viderunt omnes, gradual in mode 5 (Liber Usualis, No. 409; GR. 33)
  28. Puer natus in Bethlehem, in mode 1
  29. Verbum Caro Factum Est, responsory, mode 6
  30. Tui sunt caeli, offertory in mode 4
  31. Pueri hebrŠorum portantes, antiphon in mode 1 (Liber Usualis No. 581; G
  32. Improperium exspectavit cor meum, offertory in mode 8 for Palm Sunday
  33. Tristis est, responsory in mode 8
  34. Una hora, responsory in mode 7
  35. Traditor & Benedictus, antiphon in mode 1
  36. Ubi caritas, offertory in mode 8
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