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A Roman soldier (Michael Fassbender) leads a small band of troops on a mission to rescue a key Roman general after becoming trapped in the territory of their sworn enemies in this period action-adventure film from director Neil Marshall (The Descent, Doomsday). The year is A.D. 117. Despite the growing strength of the Roman Empire, a fierce tribe known as the Picts has prevented Hadrian's armies from conquering northern Britain. The Picts offer a devastating display of their guerilla power when they raid a Roman frontier ...


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Dec 30, 2010

Neil Marshall Moves in Strange Ways

Neil Marshall remains one of the most interesting younger directors around. He started by revolutionizing the horror film, taking the genre back to movies that are not only scary and shocking but are also ABOUT something important in the human heart (DOG SOLDIERS, THE DESCENT). Then he made DOOMSDAY, a George Miller-John Carpenter tribute that is both puzzling and engaging. Now comes this dark Old World adventure about a unit of Roman soldiers trying to elude savage tribes of ancient Scotland while working their way back to their home fort. Marshall's direction continues to be intense, intimate, and inventive, conveying both thrills and the sense of something that matters.

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