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Stephen King's bestselling apocalyptic thriller is a major motion picture starring John Cusack (1408), Samuel L. Jackson (Django Unchained) and Isabelle Fuhrman (Orphan) coming in August. Civilization slipped into its second dark age on an unsurprising track of blood but with a speed that could not have been foreseen by even the most pessimistic futurist. By Halloween, every major city from New York to Moscow stank to the empty heavens and the world as it had been was a memory. The event became known as The Pulse. The ...

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Oct 14, 2010

A Good Read

This book a good from the beginning to end. There are no slow parts as in some others. There are a inviting and realistic characters. This book is worth the time is takes to enjoy it.


Oct 1, 2009

Another King winner!

This novel is a spell binding S King story. I couldn't put it down. Lots of food for thought on what if this happens. Loved it.


Nov 13, 2008


I knew there was a reason I don't like cell phones. And, this just confirms it. I really liked this book. A great read. One of King's best!


Sep 3, 2008

Can You Hear Me Now? ? Never Sounded so Scary!!

Great story ? funny in bits, cared about the characters. I loved the descriptions of Boston, New Hampshire, of course, Maine. Not ?throw the book down? scary, but there was enough blood and gore to keep it very interesting.

This was a departure for me, as I usually stick to ?chick lit?, but I?ve always enjoyed the occasional King thriller and this one didn?t let me down ? I loved the focus on what today is thought of as a ?regular? part of our lives, but in fact, this book makes you look at cellular technology as being mysterious and it seemed plausible that there could be something scary going on and King found a way to bring the message home.


Jul 24, 2008

was scared to use my cell

I really enjoyed this shorter novel by king, I loved the beginning, the storyline was good, slower, but good, and I liked the end. It isnt' a traditional zombie story or end of the world story. Its a fast and easy read.

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