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'Investigating other people's tragedies and cock-ups and misfortunes was all he knew. He was used to being a voyeur, the outsider looking in, and nothing, but nothing, that anyone did surprised him any more. Yet despite everything he'd seen and done, inside Jackson there remained a belief - a small, battered and bruised belief - that his job was to help people be good rather than punish them for being bad.' Cambridge is sweltering, during an unusually hot summer. To Jackson Brodie, former police inspector turned private ...

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May 19, 2020

Atkinson is original and wonderful

This writer is pretty well known but I only discovered her recently. Her output is small and each book different but many include her detective. They're not standard mysteries yet satisfy a mystery lover, like myself. She's just a wonderful writer. Read it!


Oct 7, 2014

I passed it on.

If you enjoy Kate Atkinson you will love this one. It is
simply fantastic.

Barbara B

Jun 28, 2013


I like this author, but found that this book I couldn't even read.


May 26, 2011

Many twists & turns

This is the first Kate Atkinson book I have ever read. It was recommended to me by a friend - I just happened to see him reading the book and inquired about it. I just finished the book - it was excellent and I can't stop thinking about it. The author slowly brings together several stories/mysteries until the loose ends are tied up at the end. Well most of them anyway. There are some things the reader is left to guess at, but that makes the book just more fun and intriguing. To use the cliche, it was a "page turner". I usually don't have time to read a book in one sitting, so it was hard for me to put down, when it was time for me to do something else.


Mar 19, 2009

Stunning and Brilliant

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