Caribbean Voyage: Dominica - Creole Crossroads ()


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The history of the recording industry can be described superficially as the development of media with longer and longer playing time. Whether this benefits the pop industry with its three-minute song obsession is questionable, but there's no denying the impact on documentation of world music. Projects such as the Caribbean field recordings of Alan Lomax in the early '60s were simply too expansive to even consider releasing on vinyl in an era when box sets were the exclusive turf of Beethoven and his crew. The CD market has ...

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  1. Edwad O!
  2. Walker, Walker, Mwen Pedi Lajan Mwen
  3. Di Yo Pa Hele Pou Nou
  4. Dekouwe Bwa-La
  5. Monkey Drunk, Stand Below
  6. Jou-La Maman-Mwen Ke Mo
  7. If You See Maria
  8. Bo Mwen Che
  9. La Mort Pécheur
  10. Quadrille Set 1
  11. Quadrille Set 3
  12. Naje Kanot-La
  13. Lamo Pa Dou
  14. Say Say Ti-Poulet-Ou Van
  15. Night, Night, Night
  16. Dis Solda La
  17. Maman-Mwen Ba Mwen Yon Abitid
  18. Kwan Mwen Soti Savann Yaya
  19. Lancers, Pt. 1
  20. Lancers, Pt. 2
  21. Lancers, Pt. 5
  22. Lancers, Pt. 6
  23. Send All Indians Back to India
  24. Home, Sweet Home
  25. Eliza Kongo
  26. Annou Hele Houre
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