Cargo of Eagles


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Albert Campion sets out to plumb the secrets of Saltey, an ancient hamlet on the Essex marshes. Once the haunt of smugglers, now it hides a secret rich and mysterious enough to trap all who enter - and someone in the village is willing to terrorise, murder and raise the very devil to keep that secret to themselves.

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Paul D

Oct 22, 2010

Great Book

I've read every Albert Campion book and this is my favorite. Book is set in a tiny seaside village. It has something for everyone: the map, treasure, pirates, young lovers, a secret road to London, and pubs. You'll like it.


Mar 27, 2008

you can tell it's not really Margery

Cargo of Eagles was finished after Margery Allingham's death by her husband Youngman Carter, who apparently completed it based on notes that Allingham left behind. Sadly, the last of the original series (if you count this one because Allingham started it) leaves a lot to be desired. I think it suffers from too many tangents leading to a bit of tedium for the reader. I found myself wanting to just get through it (which is really sad, if you think about it for a minute). The basic plot was good, but it took SO long to get to a resolution that at the end I actually didn't care about it.
Brief decription, no spoilers: The small village of Saltey captures the interest of quite a few characters: a doctor who has recently inherited a house from a near stranger; an American historian who is spending a year in Britain doing research on approaches to London in the 17th and 18th centuries; several motorcycle gangs, and some unsavory characters as well. Saltey used to be home to smugglers and pirates, and at one time was "visited by a demon." Now it seems it is also home to a murderer who has a secret to keep -- but it's one that Campion must figure out to help solve his own secret mission.
I would recommend it probably to people who are working on finishing the series, but likely not to others. It normally doesn't take me long to finish one of these novels, but this one was just not up to par with most of the other books in the series.

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