Calamity Jane ()

directed by David Butler
featuring Doris Day, Howard Keel, Allyn Ann McLerie, Philip Carey, Dick Wesson

Show Synopsis

Doris Day looks no more like the real Calamity Jane than you or I do, but this 1953 film is intended as a lighthearted musical, not a historical tract. As portrayed by the freckled Ms. Day, Jane is a rootin', tootin' shootin' hoyden in the western town of Deadwood. When she isn't tearing up the town, Jane spends her time cussing out Wild Bill Hickok (Howard Keel). The plot gets under way when Jane promises the citizens of Deadwood that she can persuade classy Chicago stage star Adelaide Adams (Gale Robbins) to perform at ...


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Dec 28, 2016

What a great movie!

Doris Day is sensational as Calamity Jane and Howard Keel is a terrific Wild Bill Hickok in this musical tour de force. It may not be historically accurate but we wish the Wild West was half as much fun as this superb movie. I truly enjoyed it and I think that you will also.


Mar 12, 2010

Plain Jane? Guess Again!

TITLE: Calamity Jane
GENRE: Musical/Comedy/Western
CAST: Doris Day, Howard Keel
PLOT: Martha Jane Canary aka "Calamity Jane" assumes the responsibility to secure the services of a famous 'Chicagee' actress for the entertainment of the men of Deadwood City in the Black Hills. She is hoodwinked by a wannabe actress into thinking she is the famous actress. They both travel back to Deadwood where the hoax is discovered but this is Hollywood not Deadwood all turns out well and everyone finds love.
RETURN ON INVESTMENT: 7.5 of 10; This is not the best Western. This is not the best comedy. This is not the best musical. This IS the best exhibit of the athleticism, singing, dancing and acting of one of America's sweethearts: Doris Day. She shows she was our best at those efforts all at once.
DVD BONUS: Subtitles and some B&W footage of early 50's newsreels of the celebration of the movie's production out in the Black Hills area.
ADDED NOTES: Not a lick of the sets, costumes, characters and story is true but the movie is enjoyable none-the-less.


Jan 27, 2010

My Favorite Doris Day Movie!

Calamity Jane is one of Doris Day's best films. It is enjoyable and worthwhile. Once you watch this film, you will be singing the songs right after. This is one of those films that you could watch over and over again with your family of by yourself. I got my friends and my mom into this film and all of them enjoyed it greatly. Doris Day plays one of her best roles and the cast is exceptional. A total must watch.


Feb 19, 2009

Love This Movie

I searched for years to get this movie. Finally I came upon Alibris and was able to locate it through them. It arrived and it was exactly what I expected. New condition in shrink wrap so I was confident in its condition. I love Doris Day (I thing my wife is jealous) and this musical will touch you with feelings of warmth and laughter. Its so hard to find a movie these days that is worth the watch. I love this movie. So will you.

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