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The National don't do anything radically different on Boxer, but then again, they don't really need to: their literate, quietly anthemic take on indie rock seemed to have arrived fully formed on their 2001 self-titled debut. Boxer just hones in even more precisely and intimately on the heartfelt territory the band covers, with punchy-yet-polished production and orchestration by the Clogs' Padma Newsome giving these songs an intimacy and widescreen expansiveness that rivals the Arcade Fire. The album's first four songs are ...

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  1. Fake Empire]
  2. Mistaken for Strangers]
  3. Brainy
  4. Squalor Victoria]
  5. Green Gloves]
  6. Slow Show]
  7. Apartment Story]
  8. Start a War]
  9. Guest Room]
  10. Racing Like a Pro]
  11. Ada
  12. Gospel
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Feb 8, 2008

Best Album of 2007

With apologies to Radiohead's "In Rainbows", The National nailed it with Boxer...with beautiful melodies, incredibly catchy tunes that balance between rock and pop, and lyrics that are both powerful and often amusing, this album shows the maturity of a band with an already impressive discography. Sometimes compared to Joy Division (which is a huge compliment to any band), The National is far more accesible than that without delving too far into pop. Completely listenable and somewhat addictive, Boxer is the best album released in all of 2007.

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