Bowie and Big Knife Fighting System


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This valuable training guide provides insight into Jim Bowie, the "Bowie knife" and the fighting systems associated with both. Reminiscent of art found in early fencing manuals, the 200+ pen-and-ink drawings in this book are so skillfully executed that they vividly convey the movement of the training sequences. Whether you want to learn to fight with a big blade or just want to find out more about Bowie, this book is for you.

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Dec 27, 2013

Excellent Bowie Knife fighting book!

This is a book any Bowie knife enthusiast should own-even if you only collect them. This info truly gives insight on the historical aspect of Bowies and the people who carried them, fought with them, and sometimes died by them. As a Martial Arts info book it is superb, it's incredibly difficult to make an "instruction manual" for any fighting style-it requires hands-on instruction. However McLemore has done a fine job of making this book into something you can read and come away knowing enough to make it worthwhile. To become good or certainly if you want to master any art you will have to practice a lot & seek further individual instruction, but this book is a fine primer for those interested in this fairly unknown but lethal art. It also fits in well with other well-known instructors' systems and not only adds to it, but gives any Martial artist a more 3-dimensional view of this fighting system. I am certainly going to purchase his 2nd book "Advanced Bowie Techniques"!

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