Blue Bloods


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Schuyler Van Alen begins to wonder if the legends of vampires are really true. When she turns 15, she starts to crave raw food and is having flashbacks to ancient times. After a classmate is found dead--and bloodless--Schuyler doesn't know what to think. Hyperion Books for Children

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Jul 5, 2010

it wasnt very original in the base line of the story . i really didnt like the way melissa de la cruz wrote the book . i hated it .


Feb 15, 2010

This book is definitely a ?meet the players? and a set up for a sequel because not much is resolved. It?s bit risqué for a young adult novel. Not my favorite ever but it was enjoyable. I?ll probably read the next book.
Having almost too much brand name dropping was distracting, but I get why the author did that. It?s like a supernatural Gossip Girl. I was also slowed down by the name Schuyler. How do you pronounce that? Shue-ler? Shoi-ler? Is it German? Later one of her friends calls her Sky and if that?s an alternate spelling of the name Skyler it?s a stupid one. The author?s attempt at a Texas accent did not hit the mark.


Jan 28, 2010

A New View of Vampire Lore.

These aren't your normal teenage vampires. They're rich, beautiful, spoiled, are family to the rich and powerful of New York City, and belong to an ancient society of vampires called Blue Bloods. Schulyer Van Alen finds out that she is a vampire at the age of 15 and the history of the elite society to which she was born. But, she has some big secrets in her family tree that makes here different from the rest. Even fitting in at her high society private school is hard, now she must find out who and what she is about the become. To top things off the most popular and gorgeous boy in school suddenly knows she exists and seems to even like her. So many new questions and how does it all seem to be connected? Schuyler searches for the secrets the Blue Bloods keep and what these new changes have to do with her.

This is a nice twist on vampire lore, a New York City building tour, a history lesson, a little mystery, and a love story all in one. This is the first in the series and it pulls you in and keeps you till the last page. A must read for vampire lovers!

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