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'Love. Hate. So what? This is family. This is business.' London is in ruins. The once-glorious city is now a gated wasteland cut off from the rest of the country and in the hands of two warring families - the Volsons and the Connors. Val Volson offers the hand of his young daughter, Signy, to Connor as a truce. At first the marriage seems to have been blessed by the gods, but betrayal and deceit are never far away in this violent world, and the lives of both families are soon to be changed for ever . . . 'Shies from nothing ...

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Oct 12, 2009


This novel truly captures the brutality of the futuristic world with its gangland culture and a fight for the strongest to claim a sci-fi london. The Connors and Volsons are at war and have a 'treaty' through the Volsons offering their 14 yr old daughter, Signy as Conor's wife. The tension between the two is electrifying as their aggression mingles with elements of lust and passion. However Conor deceives the Volsons, once married to Signy and discards herrelatives in the barren wasteland outside London, full off halfmen (half human, half machine, half animal beings) to perish and even has her hamstrung! Through all his treachery however, Conor realises he loves her and attempts to woo her back. Signy deceives Conor back in return and has a child to her brother through a body swap with her genetically modified cat! What is even more astounding is that Signy clones ?their? son to become stronger and brutal; a war vessel. Upon this betrayal Signy also betrays her own brother by trying to assassinate him with his own knife which was given by the gods. Illusions of love, lust, passion both the brutal and romantic kind as well as futuristic concepts of genetically engineered humans and most importantly, BETRAYAL from all sides make this novel riveting while making you question who to really trust and their real intentions.

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