Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin


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Under Hitler and Stalin the Nazi and Soviet regimes murdered fourteen million people in the bloodlands between Berlin and Moscow. The killing fields extended from central Polads to western Russia. For twelve savage years, on this bloodsoaked soil an average of one million individuals - mostly women, children and the aged - were murdered every year. Though in 1939 these lands became battlefields, not one of these fourteen million was killed in combat. They were victims of a murderous policy, not casualties of war. Int his ...

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Dec 10, 2014

Why Kiev and Ukraine resists Putin

Timothy Snyder uncovers the brutal history of how first Hitler's Nazis and then Stalin carved up Ukraine. The mass executions and forced famines, evacuations to certain death in Siberian camps, were never forgotten. Re-occupation by ethnic Russians may have taken eastern territories from Ukraine, but not the memories. Snyder's ongoing work on Ukraine can still be found in The New York Review of Books ( and elsewhere.


Aug 22, 2014


A riveting and informative account of a tragic time in a region that saw two forms of totalitarian dictatorships. An exceptional read indeed.


Jan 10, 2013

A Game Changer

Snyder's research is exhaustive, his thesis unique, and his writing superb. After reading this, you will never think of WWII in the same way again.


Dec 23, 2012

The title explains....

Because of the content, it's difficult for me to finish this book, though it's well-written.


Jun 23, 2011

Great book - great service

The book arrived in a timely manner and in great condition.
Very happy with the purchase.

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