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He's got a plan. But he hasn't got a clue. Clayton Blaisdell's capers are strictly small-time until he meets George Rackley. With Blaze's brawn and George's brains, they pull off a hundred successful cons. Then George plans the one big score every small timer dreams of: kidnapping the infant heir to a family fortune. The trouble is that by the time the deal goes down, the brains of the operation has died. Or has he? Now Blaze is running into the white hell of the Maine woods with a baby as hostage. The crime of the century ...

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Apr 16, 2009


this book I just read and will pass on to my grandson with other collection of stephen king


Jan 29, 2009

Good condition!

Book was just as described! Very Stephen King and touching at the same time. Thanks!


Aug 18, 2007

excellent read

Richard Bachman is back from the dead with this suprisingly touching tale of high crime and low criminals. For those unaware, Bachman is a pen name that Stephen King secretly used long ago. The book is more Bachman than it is King, however, though King does leave the occasional fingerprint.
The novel is well writen and well paced. Bachman (or is it King?) has created on of the most endearing and pitifully human villians in Clayton Blaisdell, Jr. The story is noir tragedy at its finest. Bachman creates the grainy black and white atmosphere of any good Cagney gangster film and gives it Steinbeck's heart. Think of Ed McBain and Of Mice and Men stirred up with more than a touch of Bachman's spice.
Suspenseful to the very end, King (or is it Bachman?) finishes not with a whimper, but a bang.

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