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A blend of science fiction and noir detective fiction, Blade Runner (1982) was a box office and critical bust upon its initial exhibition, but its unique postmodern production design became hugely influential within the sci-fi genre, and the film gained a significant cult following that increased its stature. Harrison Ford stars as Rick Deckard, a retired cop in Los Angeles circa 2019. L.A. has become a pan-cultural dystopia of corporate advertising, pollution and flying automobiles, as well as replicants, human-like ...


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Aug 23, 2012

Pre-scifi of the immediate future...

Excellent Science fiction of a not-too-distant future. They're all ready given the technology and fine tunning to provide all in this film, with only the 'rules' to be forprogramed to an everyday event such as with the charactors in this(in my opinion)epic film. Made in the 80's. And done in as close as they could mimmic the autonominal androids. And telling of the "human" connection between one of those and an humanbeing. And if only a telling of a great nastalgia.It's sure to entertain! :)


Nov 10, 2011

all time favorite

incredible effects and story. i see aspects of this story in real life all the time. rumor has it there is a sequel in the works, can't wait. have always wanted to know more about the world of bladerunner.


May 9, 2009


Blade Runner is adapted from the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.

The film is much darker than the book I feel. It is very futuristic and has that kind of dark, industrial future feel to it.

Harrison Ford is brilliant as Deckard the bounty hunter. He is looking for escaped Nexus 6 androids on earth. He find and kills several of them, but two manage to elude him - Pris and Roy Batty.

Daryl Hannah is Pris - she is absoilutely brilliant as this character and looks perfectly like an android! Rutger Hauer is brilliant as the intelligent and poetic Batty. He is both terrifying and sympathetic as the same time and you really feel that he is suffering.

The film has many parts that may require a second viewing to really get to grips with.

It's certainly different from the book but still retains the main ideas. It's an excellent film and a real favorite among many people I know.

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