Blackshirts and Reds: Rational Fascism and the Overthrow of Communism


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A bold and entertaining exploration of the epic struggles of yesterday and today. Blackshirts & Reds explores some of the big issues of our time: fascism, capitalism, communism, revolution, democracy, and ecology. These terms are often bandied about, but seldom explored in the original and exciting way that has become Michael Parenti's trademark. Parenti shows how rational fascism renders service to capitalism, how corporate power undermines democracy, and how revolutions are a mass empowerment against the forces of ...

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Jul 10, 2008

Read at Your Own Risk

Complacency is the greatest enemy of freedom and democracy, and reading this sobering examination of the role class plays in our lives is like setting a bomb off under the feet of the complacent. Parenti shows how polemicists on both the right AND left dis Marxism either without fully studying it in depth or because popular sentiment holds that the philosophy has been disproved by 20th century events, such, with great truth, one might substitute the word, "Marxism" for "Christianity" in Chesterton's famous quote, "There's nothing wrong with [it], it's just never been tried."
True, Parenti goes out on a limb at times, but his erudition and clarity of style should turn some doubters into true believers. Especially effective is his explication of how the ever-increasing divide between the super-rich and the rest of us is diminishing not only the size of our bank accounts and our disposable income but the very quality of our lives. I read these sections with a mind to G. W. Bush's tax giveaways to the wealthy, who don't need them, basing such practices on the outworn (and completely fallacious) policy known as "supply side economics," which Reagan tried when he was in the White House and which his own economist, David Stockman, suggested was a "joke," saying he didn't think the president would take him seriously.
Now, John McBush wants to make these tax cuts permanent. If you think economic times are bad now, just wait! But the great thing about Parenti is, he doesn't spare anyone, left or right. This is a must read for those convinced the rich and powerful care nothing about their fellow man, a dispensable commodity just like the products he produces so that profits go to the top 1% and no one else. A good, quick read, and a sobering one at that!

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