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The poignant - and at times very funny - new novel from the author of THE MAGICIAN'S ASSISTANT, which was shortlisted for the Orange Prize. BEL CANTO features the intriguing combination of opera and terrorism. Latin terrorists storm an international gathering hosted by an underprivileged country to promote foreign interest and trade, only to find that their intended target, the President, has stayed home to watch his favourite soap opera on TV. Among the hostages are a world class opera singer and her biggest fan, ...

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denise n

Sep 5, 2013

really different

The author creates a world familiar to almost no international party (where people cannot even communicate due to differences in language) that is invaded by rebels who hold the guests hostage...and subtly demonstrates how beautiful life could be if only we could block out the prejudices and stressors of the world and love one another... While so unlike a "typical" real life month, it captures every reader's understanding of joy and sorrow. Beautifully written and powerful.


Jul 25, 2013

August monthly reading

This book will be my August Reading Choice.
Fantastic and compelling. Dystopia is always my favorite.
Oh so wonderful, if you really want to choose a book after a chick lit, this will definitely be the choice.

I really recommend it, and I need to write fifty words to get my review.

Phyllis M

Oct 27, 2011

excellent read

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Bel Canto. It was one of those books that I didn't want to put down. I found the ending to be surprising (and a bit disappointing) but would still recommend this book whole heartedly.


Aug 18, 2011

Paperback was in good condition...perfect for my summer reading. Bel Canto is a great read; I highly recommend it . It reads quickly and helps if you have a background and/or a love of classical music. As well, Bel Canto involves cultural differences, politics of many differing views and enduring love and friendships that all come together in a beautifully written story. My favorite character was the Japanese business man. It seemed like there were 2 endings; the first I thought would come and the second was a surprise. Have a good read with this novel.


Sep 5, 2007

Life Interruptus

There are many remarkable aspects to this engrossing story of a group of socialites discovering the depth of their true selves while being held hostage by a band of revolutionaries in the Embassy of a small South American Country. What is surprising is that out of the discomfort of a constricted life and the ongoing threat of death, people find their way to what really matters in their lives and it's not long before masks are dropped and genuine connections are made. In a claustrophobic stage that merges the third world with the art world and the world of jet setters, it is the skill and sensitivity of Ann Patchett that puts the reader exactly in place of each character, so that at the end we feel we understand that freedom doesn't always look the way we think.

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