Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics


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A practical introduction to Perl designed for biologists with little or no programming experience. The book approaches programming as an important new laboratory skill, and shows many Perl programs and Perl programming techniques that can be immediately useful in the lab. Each chapter focuses on a problem or class of problems in bioinformatics, and shows how to use Perl to solve them.

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Mar 12, 2009

I've had some programming experience before with an intro Java class and working in a Bioinformatics lab. I got this book as a reference, and also to make sure that I had really covered all of my basics. I found this book to very clear, and explanations and code complement each other nicely. Tisdall doesn't get into the nitty gritty of Perl, but instead explains in common language everything you need about Perl to get started and programming something useful. As you're studying, it does help to check the online Perldocs for more information on the details of Perl functions, since Tisdall doesn't go into them. I'm looking forward to getting Tisdall's next book, Mastering Perl for Bioinformatics, to dive deeper into how to apply Perl to research!

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