Before the Dawn: Recovering the Lost History of Our Ancestors


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In the last three years, a flood of new scientific findings - driven by revelations discovered in the human genome - has provided compelling new answers to many long-standing mysteries about our ancient ancestors. When did language emerge? How did our ancestors break out of Africa and defeat the more physically powerful Neanderthals who stood in their way? Why did we come to speak so many different languages? When did we learn to live with animals and where and when did we domesticate man's first animal companions, dogs? ...

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Nov 15, 2007

How we became human beings

Before The Dawn gathers the oldest and the newest scientific discoveries about our physical, mental, and psychological evolution over the eons into one easy to read book. It may not read as easily as the local newspaper, but it is far easier to follow and understand than most books that are aimed only at the scientific community. Despite its being a fairly easy read, the book is so cogently written that it ought to be of interest to even the stuffiest academics. It isn't often that a reader can pick up a single book which does such a remarkable job of explaining why 50,000 years of incremental changes to our physical form, to our inellectual capability, and to our psyche have made we human beings the creatures we are today.

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